Why didn't NetScanner find all my devices?

NetScanner uses ICMP pings as it primary way to find devices on your network. After a device responds to our pings, the device gets a full inspection using TCP, SNMP, etc...

There are other methods we could have used to find devices such as ARP caching, or by trying a lot of TCP connections on all possible IP addresses of the scanned network, but to keep the scan fast, we made the conscious choice to only use ICMP pings as our primary discovery method. 

Chance is if you have not enabled pings on a device, you probably don't care about it (workstations, laptops, etc...). Most devices will respond to pings by default... All devices actually to the best pf our knowledge with the exception of windows desktop devices.

Here is an article that explains how to enable pings on your windows computers

Do you disagree? Would you rather have use some tcp port checks as a discovery method, or maybe provide it as an option in the settings? Let us know! Comment on this article or maybe submit the idea to our feedback forum!

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